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"$20 was $20," 2020. Digital video. 6 min. 11 sec. Dimensions variable.
"$20 was $20," 2020. Digital video. 6 min. 11 sec. Dimensions variable.
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Matthew Tallorin

Rolling with the punches, an artist needs to be flexible, willing to adapt, and ready to put it all on the line to follow their passion. I am the opposite of a workaholic, and I have no clue what it takes to make it in the global rat race of “following your dreams.” This is why pursuing art as a career can be terrifying, and why this project is done with the safety net of a college class to allow me to document the trial and error process of becoming a freelance artist. This work pulls back the curtain and turns the behind-the-scenes laborer into a performance artist, showing myself on stage and doing what I do best in front of all of you. I am using the entire internet at my disposal to find video editing work, and if I can make $20 then I must be heading in the right direction. This is a win-win situation where either money will be earned or I will have a painful yet valuable learning experience in the difficulties of the open market.

Matthew Tallorin is a fourth-year student at the University of Washington in the Photo/Media program. He grew up on the internet, making his own YouTube videos since 2008, and is constantly pushed to reinvigorate his works due to the ever-changing landscape of both the digital and real worlds. That, in combination with an unbound love for his friends and family, is Matthew’s main goal—to break the fourth wall of reality and societal norms in his artwork. With this passion for creating visual arts he plans to continue producing photographs that generate surreal situations for the rest of his life.

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