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"to-and-fro," 2020. Print.
"to-and-fro," 2020. Print.
"to-and-fro," 2020. Print.
"to-and-fro," 2020. Print.
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Katherine Penner

where do I go?
where did I go?
when do I go?
why did I go?
what did I do?

what did you do?
where did you go?
where do you go?
why did you go?

follow where i go

follow where you go

watching where I go

watching where you go


what knows where we go?
who knows where we go?
who knows what we do?

Katherine Penner is a senior Photo/Media major at the University of Washington. She grew up with her parents and three brothers in Bellevue, Washington. After starting at the University of Washington as a Business direct admission she decided to change paths and pursue art. Her work focuses on social patterns and how they connect to human behavior. In 2018 she photographed her childhood televisions as a commentary on the impact of technology on her upbringing. In 2019 Katherine photographed discarded appliances and furniture on the streets of UW off-campus housing. Katherine’s objective was to document the annual purging of “useless” objects to investigate why this absurd behavior is widely accepted within the University of Washington community. The goal of her work is not to create new ideas but an attempt to make sense of a specific time in her life that has already passed.